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Qualtrics Work

Need custom controls or fields in Qualtrics? I have had the opportunity to work with professors from University of Illinois, Emory University, University of Indiana, and University of Washington. To assist you in developing your study, I can create almost anything using JavaScript and the Qualtrics API. Past projects include sliders, custom buttons, popup boxes, and more! All work I do in Qualtrics includes data logging into your Qualtrics results so that you can get the best possible data for your study. I am based in the Champaign, IL area but am willing to meet over Zoom or travel to meet in person.

Other Work

If you want to bring your study to the next level and create a study that lets you do anything, you can work with Nmoleo Software to design and develop a research study from the ground up, which will give you unlimited freedom to do what you want with your research. These apps will be built in PHP and JavaScript and can interface with a MySQL database to log data. Previous jobs in this category have used Amazon Mechanical Turk to gather and pay participants.


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