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We are a website and software development company based in Illinois

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Hi! I'm Nicholas Anand, a high school student. I started Nmoleo Software when I was 12 years old. In my spare time, I like to build computers, create websites, and write computer programs. I am also into computer security, amaetur filmmaking, dirt bike riding, and video gaming. I play the piano and the trumpet.

My YouTube Channel | My Twitter | My GitLab

Here's one of my videos. It's about graphite and its electrical properties.



  • I designed and developed a website used in a research study conducted by professors at the University of Illinois Gies College of Business and the Emory University Goizueta Business School. The client-side user interface was created using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and the server portion was coded in PHP. The PHP code interfaced with a MySQL database.
  • I asssited in the development of a website used for a research study conducted by a professor at the University of Washington. The website was coded primarily in JavaScript and used the Qualtrics API to record data to a database.
  • Developed a system used for a research study conducted by a professor at University of Indiana's Kelley School of Business. The system was made up of multiple JavaScript scripts that created specialized user controls (the primary function of the study). Work was also done in HTML and CSS to design said controls.
  • I am a programming intern for the SRTI Lab at the University of Illinois. Projects include:
Volunteer Experience
  • Volunteer work repairing computers at FreeGeek, a computer recycling organization in Chicago, IL
  • Created a website for a legislative group based in Georgia

What I Can Do

  • My Skills:
    • JavaScript (Front-End)
    • Python
    • C#
    • PHP
    • Flask (Python)
  • Graphic Design and Video Skills:
    • CSS Web Design
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Premiere
    • Adobe After Effects
    • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

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